Friday, March 20, 2015

Run 350 race pack collections 2015

Today is the first day of race pack collections for Run350 from NTUC income, which is another 2 weeks time before the event day 5 April 2015.

The race pack collections venue:
Orchard Central level 1 (nearest MRT station Somerset)
Day: 20 March 2015 (Friday) - 22 March 2015 (sunday)
Time : 11am - 8pm

I reached Orchard central around 11:45pm, the queue was really long where I have to queue somewhere outside the building. But do not worry too much as the queue cleared really fast. Thanks to the volunteers. The race pack collections is well-organized. 

You do not need to print the registration confirmation slip, just bring along your Id as they discourage people to print the paper for more environmental friendly. There are also booth setup for shuttle bus ticket purchase and They also encourage people to have carpool during the event day to reduce CO2 from vehicle and what surprise me, the mc mentioning 200 bicycle packing slots prepared and they encourage people cycle there as well. That's really great!

For the race pack itself, this year have a lots of great sponsor items. 30% off compressport voucher, a backpack, GU gel, seeds for basil, 3x salonpas patches, 2x wet tissues and 1 pack of tissues and event T-shirt sponsor by compresspsorts as well (my first compressports shirt).

Run 350 race pack collections 2015

Run 350 race pack collections 2015

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